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“Wonderfully enjoyable…like driving a Rolls-Royce off-road” – Stephen Fry
“Blissfully funny” – The Times


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Winner of the fifth season of America’s Got Talent.

Body popping. Первые 3 видео – Talent 2008 Denmark, а последние 3 – их выступления в театре. Впечатляюще и стебно :th-up: :mjaff: Кому лень все смотреть, рекомендую 4-ое хотя бы :mrgreen: :ickypoo:

Winners of Talent 2008 Denmark


Resident Evil: Extinction OST

Flyleaf vs. The Legion Of Doom – I’m So Sick (T-virus Remix) (4shared.com)

Помните Jeff Dunham-a? Terry Fator тоже чревовещатель, но еще и певец-пародист + комик :grin2: :giggle: :th-up:

Capable of doing over 100 ventriloquial impersonations, and uses 16 different puppets in his act. He was the winner of Season 2 of America’s Got Talent, and received the million dollar prize.


Боян, но по-прежнему обасцака :rzhu:

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You’ll never guess how this guy sounds like.. Surprised the heck out of the judges.

И фильм и soundtrack супер! :socute: :grin2:

The Sucker Punch soundtrack is features artists Alison Mosshart, Queen, Emiliana Torrini and Björk, reimagined versions of classic songs and tunes from the film’s stars Emily Browning, Carla Gugino and Oscar Isaac.

Genre: Electronic, Trip-Hop, Rock
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: 114 Mb

1. Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
2. Bjork featuring Skunk Anansie -Army Of Me (Sucker Punch Remix)
3. Emiliana Torrini - White Rabbit
4. Queen with Armageddon aka Geddy - I Want It All/We Will Rock You (Mash up)
5. Skunk Anansie - Search And Destroy
6. Carla Azar - Tomorrow Never Knows
7. Yoav featuring Emily Browning - Where Is My Mind?
8. Emily Browning - Asleep
9. Carla Gugino and Oscar Isaac - Love Is The Drug

Sucker Punch Soundtrack [2011] (Mediafire.com) / Mirror: .torrent

Bonus: Lords of Acid – The Crablouse (music from trailer, extended remix) [rghost.net]


Если .mp3 надо :grin2:

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