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I’ll skin your ass raw
And if my day keeps goin’ this way I just might break your fuckin’ face tonight!!


Genre: Rock, Nu Metal, Alternative metal
Size: 291 MB
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

CD 1 - Remaster:
01. Bombtrack [Remastered
02. Killing In The Name [Remastered]
03. Take The Power Back [Remastered]
04. Settle For Nothing [Remastered]
05. Bullet In The Head [Remastered]
06. Know Your Enemy [Remastered]
07. Wake Up [Remastered]
08. Fistful Of Steel [Remastered]
09. Township Rebellion [Remastered]
10. Freedom [Remastered]
11. Bombtrack [Live]
12. Bullet In The Head [Live]
13. Take The Power Back [Live]
CD 2 - The Original Demos:
01. Bombtrack
02. Take The Power Back
03. Bullet In The Head
04. Darkness Of Greed
05. Clear The Lane
06. Township Rebellion
07. Know Your Enemy
08. Mindset's A Threat
09. Killing In The Name Of
10. Auto Logic
11. The Narrows
12. Freedom

Rage Against The Machine – XX 20th Anniversary Edition (2012) (Torrentz.eu) / Mirrors: Filestube

Новый альбом! :hardcore: Ранние альбомы по-прежнему самые “тракторные” :devil: :punk: :grin2:

Genre: Nu Metal, Metal
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 108 MB

01. After The End (3:06)
02. Nothing Left For Me (3:38)
03. Anger Denial Acceptance (5:30)
04. I Want You To Know (3:47)
05. Murder Suicide (3:41)
06. The Endless Disconnect (3:19)
07. I AM Damage (2:46)
08. Ploratio Morbus (2:26)
09. Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends (4:41)
10. The Reckoning (3:49)
11. God Complex (Anger) (1:51)
12. Motive Method Opportunity (Denial) (1:38)
13. Exit Wounds (Acceptance) (4:39)

Spineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance (2012) (Torrentz.eu)


“The Path of Totality” is the tenth studio album from Korn. The album will be produced by many different dubstep artists due to the band’s desire to fuse their traditional sound with dubstep elements. The lead single, “Get Up!” is one of three tracks featuring Skrillex, and was released as a digital download back in May. The album arrives in stores on December 6th.

“The title The Path of Totality refers to the fact that in order to see the sun in a full solar eclipse, you must be in the exact right place in the exact right time,” says Jonathan Davis, explaining the story behind the name. “That’s how this album came together. I think all the producers feel the same way. I’m not sure it could ever happen again.”


Resident Evil: Extinction OST

Flyleaf vs. The Legion Of Doom – I’m So Sick (T-virus Remix) (4shared.com)

Похудел Fred-ик :socute: :mjaff: :hardcore: Wes, как всегда, маньячит :grin2: :giggle:

ЫЫЫ!!! :iihaa: :hardcore:

Genre: Nu-Metal, Rapcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 139 Mb

01. Introbra (1:22)
02. Bring It On (2:18)
03. Gold Cobra (3:54)
04. Shark Attack (3:27)
05. Get A Life (4:55)
06. Shotgun (4:33)
07. Douche Bag (3:42)
08. Walking Away (4:46)
09. Loser (4:54)
10. Autotunage (5:01)
11. 90.2.10 (4:18)
12. Why Try (2:52)
13. Killer In You (3:47)
Deluxe Edition Bonuses:
14. Back Porch (Bonus Deluxe Edition) (3:22)
15. My Own Cobain (Bonus Deluxe Edition) (3:43)
16. Angels (Bonus Deluxe Edition) (3:21)

Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra (2011) [Deluxe Edition] (.torrent) / Search file hosting sites (Filestube)

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2011 release, the fourth album from the Welsh Ragga Metal band. Includes the single ‘Warning’, which features a guest appearance from Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach).

Genre: Alternative Metal, Ragga Metal, Nu Metal
Bitrate: V0
Size: 89 MB

1. Union Black
2. Warning
3. Cut Dem
4. Doom Riff
5. Living A Lie
6. Guntalk
7. Own You
8. Make Your Mark
9. Get It Now
10. Bad Man Ah Bad Man
11. Death To All Spies
12. Game Over

Skindred – Union Black (2011) (Mediafire.com) / Mirrors: Megaupload, Depositfiles


Genre: Nu-Metal, Alternative Metal
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: 104 MB

1. God is For The Dead
2. The Art of War
3. Against The Wall
4. Mi Revolucion
5. Bleed Like You
6. Serve The Grave
7. If You Were Me
8. Ritual
9. Killing You, Killing Me
10. How Could I Believe
11. Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
12. Scarred

Ill Nino – Dead New World (2010) (Mediafire.com) / Mirror: RGHost.ru

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