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Давно не слушал их.. Вроде не плохой альбом.. :hardcore: Но старые заслушанные песни ничто не переплюнет :punk: :smoking:

Godsmack - The Oracle

Genre: Nu-Metal, Metal, Alternative
Bitrate: 320 Kbps VBR
Size: 123 MB

01. Cryin’ Like A Bitch
02. Saints And Sinners
03. War And Peace
04. Love Hate Sex Pain
05. What If?
06. Devil’s Swing
07. Good Day To Die
08. Forever Shamed
09. Shadow Of A Soul
10. The Oracle
11. Whiskey Hangover (Bonus Track)
12. I Blame You (Bonus Track)
13. The Departed (Bonus Track)

Godsmack – The Oracle (Deluxe Edition) [2010] (Torrentz.com)

:hardcore: :th-up:

maybe I’m explicit, but man it’s just the bizkit
having me some fun with you dumb little chicklets
you know who you are
you insecure gorillas
the underdog Freddee D now became your killa

So WHY TRY, you’re gonna die
you’re going straight to the gate in the sky
with all the hate I relate to the cry
one more sucker mc gonna fry.

Limp Bizkit – Why Try (New Song) (2010) (RGHost)
Bitrate: 320 Kbps / Size: 6.6 MB


Mushroomhead - Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (2010)

Genre: Metal, Nu Metal
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: 114 MB

1. Come On
2. Inspiration
3. Slaughterhouse Road
4. I'll Be Here
5. Burn the Bridge
6. Holes in the Void
7. Harvest the Garden
8. The Harm You Do
9. Your Demise
10. The Feel
11. Darker Days
12. Do I Know You?

Mushroomhead – Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (2010) (RGhost)

По-прежнему такие милашки :socute: :hardcore:

Album: Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children (2010)

I can kill forever in a day
Disecting every second
I can be perpetually devoid
You’ll never sense upheaval in my voice

Come on X3
Do you really want to fuck with me tonight

:hardcore: Смотрю щас Overhaulin’. Chip Foose FTW! :socute:

Overhaulin Theme Song

I am gasoline.. matches..
I turn every thing to ashes

thats right

I am gasoline, matches, I turn every thing to ashes
im burnin, im burnin, im learnin yes im learnin

I give kerosine.. devorices.. I light angel wings with torches

Быть может долго не слышал его, но, вроде, неплохой альбом :dunno: :hardcore:


Genre: Industrial Metal, Metal
Bitrate: 261 Kbps
Size: 83.4 MB

1. Jesus Frankenstein
2. Sick Bubble-Gum
3. What?
4. Mars Needs Women
5. Werewolf, Baby
6. Virgin Witch
7. Death and Destiny Inside the Dream Factory
8. Burn
9. Cease to Exist
10. Werewolf Women of the SS
11. The Man Who Laughs

Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe 2 [2010]
(RGhost.net – pass: www.loleg.com) / Torrents: Torrentz.com

P.S.: Full Discography – Hellbilly Deluxe [1998], The Sinister Urge [2001], Educated Horses [2006] (Torrentz.com)

Отдельно трэки были, а это микс из них :zomg: :hardcore:

DJ Gizmo’s mixset of exclusive Aggro1 mashes.


Genre: Mash-Up, Industrial, Electronic, Metal, Drum’n’Bass
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Size: 106 MB

1. Foo Fighters v. Evil 9
2. Linkin Park v. BT
3. Korn Twisted – Transistor v. Soul Of Man – Acid Punch
4. Korn – Make Me Bad and Coming Undone v. 30Hz – Electric Sheep
5. The Clash v. The Bloody Beetroots
6. Static X v. BT
7. Adam Freeland – Glowsticks v. Foreigner – Juke Box Hero
8. Kid Rock v. The Crystal Method
9. Metallica v. Junkie XL
10. Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch v. The Prodigy – Girls
11. Judas Priest v. 2 Bit Pie
12. Oasis – Live Forever v. Detritus – Melting Snow
13. The Doors v. The Crystal Method
14. Korn v. Blue Stahli
15. Smashing Pumpkins v. Future Prophecies
16. Nirvana – In Bloom v. Black Sun Empire and Optive Insiders
17. Spor – The Eyes Have It v. Thrice – Image Of The Invisible
18. The Guess Who v. Blue Stahli

DJ Gizmo – The Aggro1 Experience
(RGhost – pass: www.loleg.com)

Обалденные mash-up-ы/remix-ы делает :th-up: :hardcore: Половина предыдущего поста его творения (1 и 3 видео + пару ссылок) :grin2:

Метал, индустрия, драмобасс – как раз по мне :love: Нарыл в нете себе 40 трэков, которые больше всего понравились, вот решил поделиться :wink:

Сцылки: www.aggro1.com, Fairtilizer.com (33 трэка), ReverbNation.com (51 трэк, но не все можно скачать)

Not much is known about Aggro1™, except that he is a lesser-known Mash-Up artist, his birthday is 02/25/1973, he lives in Dayton, Ohio, and that his name may or may not be Robert Wagener(yeah, no…it isn’t).

Aggro1 mashes pop, rock and various other musical styles with ‘aggressive’ electronics (mashing, for example, Justin Timberlake with Wumpscut, The Doors with The Crystal Method, and Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’ with a version of Bjork’s ‘Army of Me’). These tracks feature tight blending of vocals from hit songs with dark, underground beats.


Genre: Mash-Up, Industrial, Electronic, Metal, Drum’n’Bass
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: 320 MB

Aggro1 - AC_DC v. DJ Teebee
Aggro1 - Alice In Chains v. Breakzhead
Aggro1 - Angels-and-Filth_-Metallica-v.-Destroyers-_-ViperX
Aggro1 - Basement Jaxx v. Dope
Aggro1 - Bloc Party v. Fatboy Slim
Aggro1 - Blur Song 2 DaVIP Urban Beats
Aggro1 - Flyleaf v. Apocalyptica (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Foo Fighters v. Evil 9
Aggro1 - Foo Fighters v. Implex
Aggro1 - KoRn - Coming Undone v. Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb
Aggro1 - Korn v. 30Hz
Aggro1 - Korn v. BlueStahli
Aggro1 - Korn v. Coldcut
Aggro1 - Korn v. Unknown Error (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Kraddy v. 3 Doors Down
Aggro1 - Linkin Park v. BT [web rip]
Aggro1 - Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People v. The Loops Of Fury Flick A Switch
Aggro1 - Marilyn Manson v. Bulletproof
Aggro1 - Marilyn Manson v. The Loops of Fury (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Metallica The Memory Remains v. Brainfuzz Boot To The Head
Aggro1 - Metallica v. Catacomb Cern
Aggro1 - Metallica v. Farace
Aggro1 - Metallica v. Junkie XL [web rip]
Aggro1 - Metallica v. The Prodigy
Aggro1 - Michael Jackson v. The Crystal Method
Aggro1 - Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box vs. Quadrat Beat - Showtime
Aggro1 - Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit v. Detritus Left Behind
Aggro1 - Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit v. Engage Amalgam
Aggro1 - Nirvana v. Black Sun Empire (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Nirvana v. Blue Stahli
Aggro1 - Rage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade v. Aeph Club Shifter(2)
Aggro1 - Rage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade v. Aeph Club Shifter
Aggro1 - Smashing Pumpkins v. Future Prophecies
Aggro1 - Soundgarden v. Blue Stahli
Aggro1 - Static - X v. BT [web rip]
Aggro1 - Sublime v. Foo Fighters [web rip]
Aggro1 - System Of A Down - Bring Your Own Bomb v. DJ Swamp - Illegal Art
Aggro1 - The Doors v. The Crystal Method
Aggro1 - The Offspring v. Noisia
Aggro1 - The Prodigy v. Korn

Aggro1 Collection – Part 1, Part 2
(RGhost.net – pass: www.loleg.com)

С альбома Mechanize (2010) :hardcore:

Hate, war and terror, murder, disaster
Rape, drugs and violence, lost in our failure
Fear is suffering, intimidate to obey
Fear is control, suffering is hell
Police enforce obedient behavior
Manufactured weapon of conformity
Fears of war and pestilence
Fear of loss and failure
Fear the hate of your enemy
Fear your god and savior
Savior, failure
What do you fear?
It is the most strategic tool used to manipulate
Intimidation to make me weak in order to obey
Strategy to manipulate, paralyze, intimidate
Righteous greed suffocates, a powerful fear campaign
Mind killing, restricting
Fear is the enemy on my path
Fears of war and pestilence
Fear of loss and failure
Fear the hate of your enemy
Fear your god and savior
Savior, failure
What do you fear?
Fear is your god

Покатит. Уж больно мне его голос нравится :smoking:

Say you want to stay you want me too
Say you’ll never die you’ll always haunt me
I want to know I belong to you
Say you’ll haunt me

Together, together we’ll be together, together forever

Лучше качество + бонус трэки :iihaa: :hardcore:

Korn III – Remember Who You Are is the ninth studio album by American metal band Korn, The band hired Ross Robinson, who produced their first two albums to again act as producer, and drummer Ray Luzier to act as permanent drummer, instead of a live fill-in as he had been previously. The album was recorded as a four-piece band, using no Pro Tools or editing, unlike Korn’s more recent albums. Vocalist Jonathan Davis says the album will be “simple” in that it won’t be as multi-layered as Korn’s recent albums, but “it’s about the vibe”.


Genre: Nu Metal, Metal
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 124 MB

01. Uber-time (1:29)
02. Oildale (Leave Me Alone) (4:43)
03. Pop A Pill (4:00)
04. Fear Is A Place To Live (3:09)
05. Move On (3:48)
06. Lead The Parade (4:25)
07. Let The Guilt Go (3:56)
08. The Past (5:06)
09. Never Around (5:30)
10. Are You Ready To Live? (3:59)
11. Holding All These Lies (4:38)
12. Trapped Under The Stairs (Bonus Track)
13. People Pleaser (Bonus Track)
14. Blind (Live)

Korn – KoЯn III: Remember Who You Are [2010] (320kbps + bonus tracks)
(RGhost.net – pass: www.loleg.com)

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