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“The Path of Totality” is the tenth studio album from Korn. The album will be produced by many different dubstep artists due to the band’s desire to fuse their traditional sound with dubstep elements. The lead single, “Get Up!” is one of three tracks featuring Skrillex, and was released as a digital download back in May. The album arrives in stores on December 6th.

“The title The Path of Totality refers to the fact that in order to see the sun in a full solar eclipse, you must be in the exact right place in the exact right time,” says Jonathan Davis, explaining the story behind the name. “That’s how this album came together. I think all the producers feel the same way. I’m not sure it could ever happen again.”

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Genre: Metal, Groove Metal, Thrash Metal
Bitrate: VBR V0 (Scene)
Size: ~100 MB

1. The Age Of Hell 3:32
2. Clockwork 3:43
3. Losing My Mind 4:57
4. Time Is Running Out 4:13
5. Year of the Snake 3:41
6. Beyond The Grave 4:54
7. Born in Blood 4:08
8. Stoma 1:28
9. Powerless 4:31
10. Trigger Finger 3:54
11. Scapegoat 4:32
12. Samsara 6:12

Chimaira – The Age Of Hell [2011] (Mediafire) / Mirrors: Filesonic, isoHunt

Наткнулся на вот это видео – знакомый голос, знакомые названия песен.. а когда услышал “You know who I am?” – сразу дошло, кто это :socute: :hardcore: Не “Pantera” конечно-же, но если, как и мне, нравится его голос, дожно понравиться :grin2:

Down formed in 1991 with vocalist/songwriter Phil Anselmo of Pantera, guitarist Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity, second guitarist Kirk Windstein and bassist Todd Strange of Crowbar, and drummer Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod.

Genre: Heavy Metal
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: ~409 MB (3 parts)

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Resident Evil: Extinction OST

Flyleaf vs. The Legion Of Doom – I’m So Sick (T-virus Remix) (4shared.com)



British comedian, musician and actor Bill Bailey is preparing for his show at the 2011 Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, and while he’s at it, he delivers a message to the festival’s main headliner, Metallica.

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Jonah rocks out to Pantera “Fuckinging Hostile”

Похудел Fred-ик :socute: :mjaff: :hardcore: Wes, как всегда, маньячит :grin2: :giggle:

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Genre: Nu-Metal, Rapcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 139 Mb

01. Introbra (1:22)
02. Bring It On (2:18)
03. Gold Cobra (3:54)
04. Shark Attack (3:27)
05. Get A Life (4:55)
06. Shotgun (4:33)
07. Douche Bag (3:42)
08. Walking Away (4:46)
09. Loser (4:54)
10. Autotunage (5:01)
11. 90.2.10 (4:18)
12. Why Try (2:52)
13. Killer In You (3:47)
Deluxe Edition Bonuses:
14. Back Porch (Bonus Deluxe Edition) (3:22)
15. My Own Cobain (Bonus Deluxe Edition) (3:43)
16. Angels (Bonus Deluxe Edition) (3:21)

Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra (2011) [Deluxe Edition] (.torrent) / Search file hosting sites (Filestube)


A new Chimaira track has been posted online for streaming. The song, titled “Born In Blood“, features a guest appearance from Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel and is to be included on the group’s forthcoming new album “The Age Of Hell”. The album is set for its North American release on August 16, 2011.

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