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Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

01. Machine Head - Now We Die
02. Machine Head - Killers & Kings
03. Machine Head - Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones
04. Machine Head - Night Of Long Knives
05. Machine Head - Sail Into The Black
06. Machine Head - Eyes Of The Dead
07. Machine Head - Beneath The Silt
08. Machine Head - In Comes The Flood
09. Machine Head - Damage Inside
10. Machine Head - Game Over
11. Machine Head - Imaginal Cells
12. Machine Head - Take Me Through The Fire

Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds (2014) (KickassTorrents)



I’ll skin your ass raw
And if my day keeps goin’ this way I just might break your fuckin’ face tonight!!

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Van Canto is a German a cappella metal band, founded in 2006 and composed of five singers and a drummer. Although the group is often classified as an a cappella ensemble, they use real drums in their music, instead of vocal percussion or beatboxing.

My Playlist:
1. Master Of Puppets (Metallica cover)
2. Wishmaster (Nightwish cover)
3. Battery (Metallica cover)
4. Pathfinder
5. Kings of Metal (Manowar cover)
6. Fear of the dark (Iron Maiden cover)
7. Stormbringer (Deep Purple cover)

З.Ы.: после Wishmaster-а вспомнилось видео Wishmaster – The Misheard Lyrics :mrgreen:


Genre: Rock, Nu Metal, Alternative metal
Size: 291 MB
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

CD 1 - Remaster:
01. Bombtrack [Remastered
02. Killing In The Name [Remastered]
03. Take The Power Back [Remastered]
04. Settle For Nothing [Remastered]
05. Bullet In The Head [Remastered]
06. Know Your Enemy [Remastered]
07. Wake Up [Remastered]
08. Fistful Of Steel [Remastered]
09. Township Rebellion [Remastered]
10. Freedom [Remastered]
11. Bombtrack [Live]
12. Bullet In The Head [Live]
13. Take The Power Back [Live]
CD 2 - The Original Demos:
01. Bombtrack
02. Take The Power Back
03. Bullet In The Head
04. Darkness Of Greed
05. Clear The Lane
06. Township Rebellion
07. Know Your Enemy
08. Mindset's A Threat
09. Killing In The Name Of
10. Auto Logic
11. The Narrows
12. Freedom

Rage Against The Machine – XX 20th Anniversary Edition (2012) (Torrentz.eu) / Mirrors: Filestube

Одна из самых при самых любимых песен.. :evil: :hardcore: Так просто. Соседям поиграл :grin2:

All these years they've tried to break you
To your knees
Anger scours right through your veins
Now it's time to put an end
To all the lies
Now it's time to take control
Of your life

Новый альбом! :hardcore: Ранние альбомы по-прежнему самые “тракторные” :devil: :punk: :grin2:

Genre: Nu Metal, Metal
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 108 MB

01. After The End (3:06)
02. Nothing Left For Me (3:38)
03. Anger Denial Acceptance (5:30)
04. I Want You To Know (3:47)
05. Murder Suicide (3:41)
06. The Endless Disconnect (3:19)
07. I AM Damage (2:46)
08. Ploratio Morbus (2:26)
09. Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends (4:41)
10. The Reckoning (3:49)
11. God Complex (Anger) (1:51)
12. Motive Method Opportunity (Denial) (1:38)
13. Exit Wounds (Acceptance) (4:39)

Spineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance (2012) (Torrentz.eu)


The lost track from the “Vulgar Display Of Power” sessions.

Pantera – Piss (Torrentz.eu) / Mirror: Depositfiles.com

Новый альбом! :hardcore: :evil: :rock:

Genre: Metal, Industrial Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 131 MB

01. The Industrialist
02. Recharger
03. New Messiah
04. God Eater
05. Depraved Mind Murder
06. Virus Of Faith
07. Difference Engine
08. Disassemble-Fkk
09. Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed
10. Human Augmentation
11. Blush Response (Difference Engine Remix) (Bonus Digipak)
12. Landfill (Bonus Digipak)

Fear Factory – The Industrialist (Deluxe Edition) [2012] (Torrentz.eu)
Mirrors: Filestube.com

:hardcore: :zomg:

1. "Narcissistic Cannibal" featuring Kill the Noise
2. "Get Up"

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