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01. Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - [I've Had] The Time Of My Life
02. The Ronettes - Be My Baby
03. Patrick Swayze Featuring Wendy Fraser - She's Like The Wind
04. Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes
05. Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs - Stay
06. Merry Clayton - Yes
07. The Blow Monkeys - You Don't Own Me
08. Bruce Channel - Hey Baby
09. Zappacosta - Overload
10. Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange
11. Tom Johnston - Where Are You Tonight
12. The Five Satins - [I'll Remember] In The Still Of The Night

Dirty Dancing Soundtrack (2011) Remastered (Torrentz.eu)

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Conceptual computer artwork of the total volume of water on Earth (left) and of air in the Earth’s atmosphere (right) shown as spheres (blue and pink). The spheres show how finite water and air supplies are. The water sphere measures 1390 kilometres across and has a volume of 1.4 billion cubic kilometres. This includes all the water in the oceans, seas, ice caps, lakes and rivers as well as ground water, and that in the atmosphere. The air sphere measures 1999 kilometres across and weighs 5140 trillion tonnes. As the atmosphere extends from Earth it becomes less dense. Half of the air lies within the first 5 kilometres of the atmosphere.


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QI (C_series) – Episode 7 “Constellations”:
The panel is shown a drawing of all the atmosphere and all the water on Earth squashed into ball, to illustrate how thin the atmosphere is.

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