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(Romesh Ranganathan, Bill Bailey, Diane Morgan, Steve Pemberton)

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Is It Bill Bailey? was a stand up / sketch comedy series written by and starring Bill Bailey. One series of six episodes

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“Wonderfully enjoyable…like driving a Rolls-Royce off-road” – Stephen Fry
“Blissfully funny” – The Times


British comedian, musician and actor Bill Bailey is preparing for his show at the 2011 Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, and while he’s at it, he delivers a message to the festival’s main headliner, Metallica.

В честь пасхи – отрывок из выступления (splicd.com – полезный сайт, где можно ввести начальное и конечное время и получить отрывок ютубного видео). В самом конце фраза всегда улыбает :grin2:

Happy implausible resurrection festival

P.S.: думал, быть может, кто-то этот отрывок вырезал и закачал куда-то. В поисках наткнулся на сайт “пародию” википедии (пока не посмотрел на лого был уверен что это википедия). Описание пасхи оттуда улыбнуло :giggle:

Easter, also known as The Implausible Resurrection Festival, Zombie Jesus Day or Chocolate Day in rich countries, is the day when chocolate was actually invented. It’s also considered the day when some dude was reborn or something, but nobody cares about it anyway. People in the know however celebrate this day as it marks the anniversary of Jesus’ hatching from God’s holy egg. Today, Easter is celebrated among Christians and Eggnogstics in odd-numbered time zones in celebration of the death and resurrection of the Easter Bunny. This day, known to the Jews as Pastel Zombie Rabbit Day, is usually celebrated by consuming copious amounts of high cholesterol in the form of chocolate and chicken embryos. It was founded in 1993 by Dr. Edmund Easter.

This holiday has recently come under attack from historical revisionists who demand instead that the purpose of this day is to celebrate the inability of the ancient Romans to properly execute Jesus. It seems there is no reasoning with some people.

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:lolishe: :mrgreen: Никак не могу вспомнить, что за песня на 1:25 использована… Вроде что-то из Slayer-вского?.. Ах, Bill! Еще больше он мне нравиться начал! “Linkin Park – Lying From You” использовал, чертяка :love: :grin: Под№*ал так под№*ал :xd:

Playlist всего выступления, если надо :cheeky:

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