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Tim Minchin’s brilliant & witty demolition of irrationality in all its many guises – with rolling text from me -all in the medium of a 9-minute beat poem. Audio from the QEH Dec 2008 show with kind permission from Tim Minchin.



The 50 DVD has made its arrival to our site after being sold on tour only for most of this year. The DVD is a live performance of me at the National Geographic Theater in Washington DC on February 13th, 2011, when I turned fifty. Ian MacKaye introduces me and I take it from there. It was a good night in a good theater with a fantastic audience. One of the parts I like about it is that we did some non performance footage of me going back to some of my old haunts in DC like the classic venue Madams Organ as well as a tour through my old job that I left in 1981. We are very happy to be able to bring this to all of you who were not able to go to the tour and pick it up there. — Henry

Nicolas Cage, Billy Baldwin, Al Pacino and others :giggle: :grin:

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1. Семён Слепаков: Вот поэтому мы в Москве такие злые
2. Семён Слепаков: Каждую пятницу я в говно
3. Семён Слепаков: Сука-сосед
4. Семён Слепаков: Сильная песня
5. Семён Слепаков: Бабушка-трансформер
6. Семён Слепаков: Купи говно
7. Семён Слепаков: Милиционер-коррупционер
8. Семён Слепаков: Курица
9. Семён Слепаков: Мать
10. Семён Слепаков: Печень
11. Семён Слепаков: Весы
12. Семён Слепаков: Залепи свое дуло

Day 1: Rang bell. Dog eat food. Very Excited. :grin:

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