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Анимацийо :shock:

All animation working time: 5 days…
Rendering time: 110 days…
Used: 3ds max 2008 – Vray, Mudbox, AE, PS, Sound Forge, Vegas

Хоть и BigMoneyWaste, понравилось, аха :cool: Люблю я купэшки :)

M-Zero by designer Mael Oberkampf, looks like spawn of a BMW M6 and Aston Martin DB9.


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The Geely GT mashes up a variety of looks — we see some Maybach Exceleo, Ferrari 612, Nissan GT-R, and assorted Peugeot in there.


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Походу реклама ахранки какой-то.. :dunno:


As it turns out, the automaker employed no camera tricks, no computer enhancements, and just used a giant centrifuge that spun the truck at six Gs. At those forces, the hooks, which Ford points out are looped instead of hooked, were subjected to the equivalent of six times the vehicle’s weight as it swung around at over 60 mph.

Ford Falcon XR8 Ute
1280 x 682

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Pimp my tractor :giggle:

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