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Мега_кулл темы появились, аха :socute: Есть несколько очень даже ничего.

Gmail Themes

Internet addictionBEIJING – Chinese doctors released the country’s first diagnostic definition of Internet addiction over the weekend, amid efforts to address an increasing number of psychological problems that reportedly result from Internet overuse.

Tao Ran, a medical expert at Beijing’s Military General Hospital, where the definition was developed, said it was also the first time for China to officially designate hospital psychiatric units to treat such cases.

Symptoms of addiction included yearning to get back online, mental or physical distress, irritation and difficulty concentrating or sleeping.

The definition, based on a study of more than 1,300 problematic computer users, classifies as addicts those who spend at least six hours online a day and have shown at least one symptom in the past three months.

“Eighty percent of addicts can be cured with treatment, which usually lasts about three months,” said Tao. He did not describe the treatment, however.

According to the China Youth Association for Network Development, Internet-addicted youths are more likely suffer frustration in interpersonal relations than their peers.

Those aged 18 to 30 account for nearly half of the online population in China, which has been estimated at 210 million as of 2007 by the China Internet Network Information Center.

About 10 percent of young users suffer Internet addiction, an earlier survey revealed, and about 70 percent are male.


Red Alert 3 is here! Watch our new cinematic launch trailer to get a taste for the epic war that awaits you Comrade!

Не один я не люблю светлый текст на темном фоне :shades:

Владелец блога IronicSans прекрасно иллюстрируют сию точку зрения с помощью вот этой вот страницы и предоставляет весьма полезный bookmarklet, который делает фон страницы белым, а текст черным.

I don’t know if I’m seeing more and more blogs that use light text on a dark background lately, or if I’m just getting more sensitive to it for some reason, but I don’t think my eyes can take it any more. Sure, some sites look nice with that combination, but only when you first load them up. After reading a paragraph like this, the super high contrast gets to me. And the worst part is when I go to a different site and have the lingering after-image of the high contrast blog still burned in my retinas.

If you know someone whose blog features a lot of light text on a dark background, you can forward this link to the visual offender. It’s a special page demonstrating just how much of an eye strain it can be. Maybe we can eradicate this practice one blogspot site at a time.

For now, I’ll be using this bookmarklet which automatically changes any website into black-on-white in your browser. Drag it to your bookmark toolbar to keep it handy.

З.Ы.: Раньше пользовался Disable Stylesheets, букмарклетом из того поста про них с примерами.. Но если сайт сделан через ж№%у, то порой не сразу находишь то, что хотел прочитать, т.к. сайт “рассыпаеться”, а вот Dark Text / Light BG bookmarklet оставляет все на своих местах :th-up:


Сижу и тупо ржу :grin: :lolishe:


Microsoft, which released a feature-complete beta of Internet Explorer 8.0 on its website yesterday, has revealed that two of the main design goals of the product were backwards compatibility and total compliance with web standards.

“The core web rendering engine in IE8 is compliant with web standards, but we have also tried to maintain compatibility with sites written specifically for older versions of IE,” says Ryan Servatius, senior product manager at Microsoft’s Internet Explorer division.

The new browser will come with a ‘compatibility button’, which users can click if they stumble across a site that was designed for older versions of the software. Once pressed, the page will reload in ‘compatibility mode’.

Sounds fair enough, but this quote from David Mitchell, senior vice-president for research at Microsoft, must be, I assume, a mistake, because otherwise it’s quite surreal.

“Sites that are specifically written for IE will not display properly. Many people probably will not ever use the compatibility button that Microsoft has built into IE8, which means some sites will not work and the user will get a message saying the site needs Internet Explorer.”

So let’s get this straight – the new version of IE will not support some sites that were written specifically for Internet Explorer, and that the software will then display an error page and tell users to download Internet Explorer?

That’s going to go down like a riot with the boys at Mozilla.


There’s been an upsurge in ASCII spam in the last week…It’s quite effective in getting through filters,” said Chris Boyd, director of malware research at messaging management firm FaceTime Communications.

But earlier efforts to use ASCII art for spam have proven to be duds, he added. “The downside is that 9 times out of 10, it’s completely useless because it’s almost impossible to read, or it’s a really bizarre picture of a naked lady that’s not clickable,” Boyd said.

Evasive maneuvers

Spam filters can detect the word “Viagra” and suspect Web addresses of sites trying to get rich quick by catering to the demand for the drug. But it’s another thing altogether to detect an ASCII art version of the same word. Indeed, an ASCII art spam e-mail reading “Viagra-$1.15” and “Cialis-$1.99” made it past the spam filters of my Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts.

Google declined to comment specifically on ASCII art spam. “We expect spammers to use every means possible to try to send spam. That’s why we have a very robust spam-fighting effort at Google,” the company said in a statement. Yahoo didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Here’s why it’s clever. One line of the e-mail is “78 46 60 11 04 75 300 38 0348 18 61 55171″–gibberish that hardly resembles part of the word “Viagra” or a suspect URL. But reading it on my screen as part of the overall text, its meaning was clear to me in a flash. And a spam generation program could evade spam filter fingerprinting by randomly substituting other numbers into the text art.


ooooo          .oooooo.   ooooo        oooooooooooo   .oooooo.    
`888'         d8P'  `Y8b  `888'        `888'     `8  d8P'  `Y8b   
 888         888      888  888          888         888           
 888         888      888  888          888oooo8    888           
 888         888      888  888          888    "    888     ooooo 
 888       o `88b    d88'  888       o  888       o `88.    .88'  
o888ooooood8  `Y8bood8P'  o888ooooood8 o888ooooood8  `Y8bood8P'   

Joerg Seyfferth’s ASCII text generator

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