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The CGI film will be a reboot that will depict the early days of Deunan and Briareos in search of the legendary city of Olympus.



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Kirsten Dunst wore a very anime outfit and danced around Tokyo’s Akihabara district singing “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors. The music video, called “Akihabara Majokko Princess”, was directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation) as part of Takashi Murakami’s “Pop Life” exhibit, displayed at London’s Tate Gallery last month.


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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mecha anime/manga/toy/video game franchise, this 18-meter-tall (59-foot-tall) RX-78 has been erected.

Part of the “Mobile Suit Gundam 30th Anniversary Project,” the structure in Odaiba’s Shiokaze Park will stay up for only two months and be built from fiberglass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame and coated in a layer of awesomeoness.

Fifty points on the Gundam statue will emit light, and mist will shoot out of 14 different points on the statue. The 1/1 scale Gundam boasts a moveable head and a continuous stream of oh-man-this-is-so-damn-cool.


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This AMV features the song Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton, using footage from the anime Black Heaven.

It was a finalist at Anime Expo 2007 AMV Contest.
At Animazement 2007 it won Best in Show.
I’ve heard it did well at Dragoncon 2007

Others have asked about the anime, Legend of Black Heaven. This anime is about a man who was in a rock band in his younger days, but they broke up as the members grew up and got married. Years later, in a dead end job and dull marriage, he’s approached by aliens who want him to play his music to save them…

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