:hardcore: :rock: :evil: :devil:

Genre: Metal
Length: 1:00:13
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Size: 82.69 MB

1. arise [Arise]
2. infected voice [Arise]
3. propaganda [Chaos AD]
4. to the wall [Schizophrenia]
5. rest in pain [Schizophrenia]
6. slaves of pain [Beneath the Remains]
7. troops of doom [Schizophrenia]
8. biotech is godzilla [Chaos AD]
9. born stubborn [Roots]
10. beneath the remains [Beneath the Remains]
11. from the past comes the storms [Schizophrenia]
12. dead embryonic cells [Arise]
13. inquisition symphony [Schizophrenia]
14. territory [Chaos AD]
15. slave new world [Chaos AD]
16. symptom of the universe [Roots]
17. escape to the void [Schizophrenia]
18. subtraction [Arise]
19. desperate cry [Arise]
20. primitive future [Beneath the Remains]
21. mass hypnosis [Beneath the Remains]
22. manifest [Chaos AD]
23. attitude [Roots]
24. refuse/resist [Chaos AD]

Fexomat – Sepultura Tribute Mix [2011] (SoundCloud.com)

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