Обалденные mash-up-ы/remix-ы делает :th-up: :hardcore: Половина предыдущего поста его творения (1 и 3 видео + пару ссылок) :grin2:

Метал, индустрия, драмобасс – как раз по мне :love: Нарыл в нете себе 40 трэков, которые больше всего понравились, вот решил поделиться :wink:

Сцылки: www.aggro1.com, Fairtilizer.com (33 трэка), ReverbNation.com (51 трэк, но не все можно скачать)

Not much is known about Aggro1™, except that he is a lesser-known Mash-Up artist, his birthday is 02/25/1973, he lives in Dayton, Ohio, and that his name may or may not be Robert Wagener(yeah, no…it isn’t).

Aggro1 mashes pop, rock and various other musical styles with ‘aggressive’ electronics (mashing, for example, Justin Timberlake with Wumpscut, The Doors with The Crystal Method, and Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’ with a version of Bjork’s ‘Army of Me’). These tracks feature tight blending of vocals from hit songs with dark, underground beats.


Genre: Mash-Up, Industrial, Electronic, Metal, Drum’n’Bass
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: 320 MB

Aggro1 - AC_DC v. DJ Teebee
Aggro1 - Alice In Chains v. Breakzhead
Aggro1 - Angels-and-Filth_-Metallica-v.-Destroyers-_-ViperX
Aggro1 - Basement Jaxx v. Dope
Aggro1 - Bloc Party v. Fatboy Slim
Aggro1 - Blur Song 2 DaVIP Urban Beats
Aggro1 - Flyleaf v. Apocalyptica (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Foo Fighters v. Evil 9
Aggro1 - Foo Fighters v. Implex
Aggro1 - KoRn - Coming Undone v. Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb
Aggro1 - Korn v. 30Hz
Aggro1 - Korn v. BlueStahli
Aggro1 - Korn v. Coldcut
Aggro1 - Korn v. Unknown Error (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Kraddy v. 3 Doors Down
Aggro1 - Linkin Park v. BT [web rip]
Aggro1 - Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People v. The Loops Of Fury Flick A Switch
Aggro1 - Marilyn Manson v. Bulletproof
Aggro1 - Marilyn Manson v. The Loops of Fury (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Metallica The Memory Remains v. Brainfuzz Boot To The Head
Aggro1 - Metallica v. Catacomb Cern
Aggro1 - Metallica v. Farace
Aggro1 - Metallica v. Junkie XL [web rip]
Aggro1 - Metallica v. The Prodigy
Aggro1 - Michael Jackson v. The Crystal Method
Aggro1 - Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box vs. Quadrat Beat - Showtime
Aggro1 - Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit v. Detritus Left Behind
Aggro1 - Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit v. Engage Amalgam
Aggro1 - Nirvana v. Black Sun Empire (Nite Version)
Aggro1 - Nirvana v. Blue Stahli
Aggro1 - Rage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade v. Aeph Club Shifter(2)
Aggro1 - Rage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade v. Aeph Club Shifter
Aggro1 - Smashing Pumpkins v. Future Prophecies
Aggro1 - Soundgarden v. Blue Stahli
Aggro1 - Static - X v. BT [web rip]
Aggro1 - Sublime v. Foo Fighters [web rip]
Aggro1 - System Of A Down - Bring Your Own Bomb v. DJ Swamp - Illegal Art
Aggro1 - The Doors v. The Crystal Method
Aggro1 - The Offspring v. Noisia
Aggro1 - The Prodigy v. Korn

Aggro1 Collection – Part 1, Part 2
(RGhost.net – pass: www.loleg.com)

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5 Responses

  1. Ranzess Aug 7, 2010
    23:39 pm

    Всё. У меня новая любовь! :DDD После Fexomat’а, конечно. :}

  2. Hairgel_Addict Hairgel_Addict Aug 8, 2010
    00:31 am

    +1. Но увы он “ушел в отставку”… :nde:

  3. Matt Cook AKA DJ Stormtali Dec 6, 2012
    22:59 pm

    Shit Whats The Password?

  4. Hairgel_Addict Hairgel_Addict Dec 8, 2012
    00:00 am

    Look closer under the links..


  1. DJ Gizmo – The Aggro1 Experience » LOLEG.com (Dec 15, 2010 @ 14:05 pm)

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