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Австралиец металлюга :grin: :giggle:

“Being offended is subjective. It’s to do with you as an individual or collective or society or community, your moral conditioning, your religious beliefs. What offends me may not offend you. You want to make laws about it? I’m offended when I see boy bands, for God’s sake!”

На диске, который выйдет 12-го, говорят, будет еще 2 бонус трэка :punk:
Я или по уши “влюблен” в его голос, или же неплохой альбом :love: :hardcore:

Korn III – Remember Who You Are is the ninth studio album by American metal band Korn, The band hired Ross Robinson, who produced their first two albums to again act as producer, and drummer Ray Luzier to act as permanent drummer, instead of a live fill-in as he had been previously. The album was recorded as a four-piece band, using no Pro Tools or editing, unlike Korn’s more recent albums. Vocalist Jonathan Davis says the album will be “simple” in that it won’t be as multi-layered as Korn’s recent albums, but “it’s about the vibe”.


Genre: Nu Metal, Metal
Bitrate: 224-256 kbps
Size: 71.74 MB

01. Uber-time (1:29)
02. Oildale (Leave Me Alone) (4:43)
03. Pop A Pill (4:00)
04. Fear Is A Place To Live (3:09)
05. Move On (3:48)
06. Lead The Parade (4:25)
07. Let The Guilt Go (3:56)
08. The Past (5:06)
09. Never Around (5:30)
10. Are You Ready To Live? (3:59)
11. Holding All These Lies (4:38)

KoЯn III: Remember Who You Are [2010] (.torrent) / Mirror: iFolder

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