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Genre: Drum’n’Bass (Darkside), Darkstep, Techstep
Length: 1:59:49
Bitrate: 128 Kbps
Size: ~109 MB

Audio - Control Freak
Dj Hidden - The Narrators *Eye-D Remix*
Raiden/The Sect - Caesium 137 *Audio's Headhunter Remix*
Dj Hidden - The Outsider Lookin In
Hedj/Cativo - March For Death
Lucio De Rimanez/Forbidden Society - Anarchy
Hedj? - ?
Black Sun Empire/Eye-D - Milkshake
Forbidden Soсiety - Focus On Violence *VIP*
Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane *Counterstrike Remix*
Dj Hidden - ?
Limewax/SPL - Burger Pills
I:Gor - Icebreaker *Counterstrike Remix*
Black Sun Empire/Eye-D - Brainfreeze
Hedj - Lifeline
SPL/Eye-D - Another Realm
Current Value - Warship
Counterstrike - Extreme Mutilation
Cativo - Evil Has No Boundaries *Dj Hidden Remix*
Mystification - Show Me How To Cry
Switch Technique/Bleek - Giant
SPL - Wipeout
Robert Armani - Blow That Shit Out *Joey Beltram Remix*
Die Antwoord - Zef Side
The Outside Agency/Current Value - They're Human
Counterstrike/Killer/Brkr - The Visitor
Counterstrike/Zardonic - The Condemned
Audio - Sector 9
The Outside Agency - The Solution
NPhonix - Sever
Donny - The Resistance
Dub Elements - Zombie
Dj Hidden - Empty Streets Revisited
Forbidden Society - Filth *Current Value Remix*
>>>>>>> Limewax - Big Bang
The Outside Agency/Donny - Among Us
The Outside Agency/Switch Technique - ?
The Outside Agency/SPL - Separate Ways
The Outside Agency/Counterstrike - My Friends
Switch Technique - ?
Current Value/Donny - Discovered
The Outside Agency/Cooh - Soulkeepers
Dylan - Dark Planet *Donny Remix*
Mindustries - Facerocker *The Immobilizers VIP*
Promo - Don't Be Fucking With My Shit
The Outside Agency - Surreal
Tymon - Desolation
SPL/Ophidian - Subconscious
The Outside Agency - The Flux Capacitor
The Outside Agency - The Destroyer
The Outside Agency - Scandinavian Chess

Eye-D & DJ Hidden – Live @ 5 Day’s off 10th Edition-Melkweg Max – 06.03.2010 (


Your host, Merton, freestyling in real-time with random strangers on Chat Roulette.


Shrimp and Champagne by L16



Посмотрел вчера опять RocknRolla :socute:

Фильм так себе..


AMANDINE 41, originally uploaded by jul_mok.

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