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Понравилсо этот клип… И все тут :ignore: Ну и песня сама.. припев в частности :bassu:

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Смотрел какой-то фильм – там играло это… :smoking:

:hardcore: :zomg:


Genre: Drum’n’Bass, Metal
Length: 1:06:06
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Size: 90.6 MB

01.Iron Maiden VS Ogonek & Cooh - Scared Of The Dark
02.Rammstein VS Cooh - Sonne Contact
03.Slayer VS Current Value - Dark Raining Blood
04.KC - Extreme Steel (Counterstrike Remix)
05.Ministry VS The Panacea & Raiden - Connect The TV
06.System Of A Down VS Lucio De Rimanez - Lord Of The Sugar
07.Manowar VS Cooh & The Outsider Agency - The Keepers of Metal
08.Sepultura - Straighthate (Zardonic Remix)
09.Slipknot VS Cooh - Wait And Duuure
10.Deftones VS Cooh - Shoved Vret
11.Clawfinger VS Ogonek - What You Say
12.Ministry VS Cooh,Breaker&SilentKiller - Galaxy Thieves
13.Hatebreed VS Cooh - Live For Ventil
14.Metallica VS Zany & Cooh - Everything Else Matters
15.System Of A Down VS Current Value - Chop The New Life
16.Korn VS Current Value - You Need A Clown
17.Rammstein VS Cooh - Maine Smile
18.Edge Of Sanity VS Cooh - Twilight Blast
19.The Gathering VS Cooh & Broken Note - Saturn Retox

Cooh – Metal vs Drum’n’Bass Mix

Новое творение! Супер! :love: :th-up:

Beware of adorable, homicidal lamps.


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