A pilot accused of praying when he should have been taking emergency measures to avoid a crash in which 16 people died has been sentenced to 10 years in jail by an Italian court.


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  1. _1ns1d3 _1ns1d3 Mar 30, 2009
    16:46 pm

    :lolishe: ahah funny shit :)) ну молиться в таких ситтуациях вообще тупо(

  2. Hairgel_Addict Hairgel_Addict Mar 30, 2009
    16:55 pm

    В любых ситуациях. :devil: :giggle:

  3. Axel_aka_brewer Mar 31, 2009
    17:52 pm

    В любых ситуациях.
    +1 :devil:

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