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Google changed its favicon last year and many people said that the new one was ugly. Probably this the reason why Google decided to use another favicon starting from today. The new favicon uses all the colors from Google’s logo, while keeping the same lowercase “g”.

Here are all the three Google favicons, starting with the new one, followed by the simple favicon added last year and the initial Google favicon, which is still my favorite:


via Google Operating System & Official Google Blog

З.Ы.: Мне по-прежнему нравится их старый/”классический” favicon. Я, собственно, и не заметил бы изменений, если б не прочел в вышеупомянутых блогах, т.к. продолжаю пользоваться скриптом для Greasemonkey, который заменяет там где надо новый favicon на старый :grin2:

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3 Responses

  1. Axilees Jan 10, 2009
    15:02 pm

    Хм – а у меня че то старый кажет…

  2. Hairgel_Addict Hairgel_Addict Jan 10, 2009
    15:16 pm

    Greasemonkey установлен? :orly:

  3. kukkaaa kukkaaa Jan 10, 2009
    18:51 pm

    Фу, какашка… :grin2:

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