Sophie Merry
Sophie Merry, a young irish graphist was still unknown a few months ago…

Fan of electronical musics, she decided one day to dance on Daft Punk music in her backyard.. Nothing really astonishing.. but the lady is indeed a pretty good dancer, in top of that she has a secret to fascinate her audience and make her show spectacular… She dances on a slowed down music before fastforwarding it on her computer. The result is spectacular, inventive and amusing… She soon video films herself and uploads on youtube..

Success is great and Sophie becomes a web phenomenon. She makes two other videos which also become phenomenons….

She accepts to become ready to wear’s brand ETAM’s new egery, for an ad campaign axed on jeans. Photographed by a famous fashion photographer, she turns to be really professional and is part of a magnificient ad campaign… Of course, she gets back to what she better does and dances on the brand’s internet website, inviting Etam’s customers to do so at home…

© Denimouvement.com / Photo: Etam.com

4 видео под катом…

Trailer 1


Trailer 2



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2 Responses

  1. kukkaaa kukkaaa Jun 2, 2008
    20:21 pm

    Классная, странная девченка-шапка!!!! :love: :wink:
    (а шапку НАДО оставить! :socute: :wink: )

  2. Наташа Mar 21, 2010
    16:14 pm

    Вот тут с тобой нельзя не согласится. Это действительно одна из самых интересных вещей в жизни

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