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Работает :th-up: А то default-ные темы не катят…

SP3 UxTheme Patcher 1.1

The SP3 UxTheme application was designed to be a little tool that will help the user create his own unsigned themes ready to use on the new Service Pack 3 install.

UxTheme Patcher Version 1.1 for Windows XP SP3 RTM (v5512)

* Language independent
* Better detection of patched or unpatched file.
* More safety checks
* “Lost hope” key to restore the original file.

Download @ WPC Board or Softpedia

Сижу, качаю.. :bored: :sarcastic:

windows-xp-sp3.jpg wububble.gif

Date Published: 5/6/2008
Typical download size: 66.9 MB , 28 minutes

Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is an update to Windows XP that addresses key feedback from our customers and is a cumulative update that includes all previously released updates for Windows XP, including security updates. Windows XP SP3 contains a small number of new updates and should not significantly change the Windows XP experience. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Overview /


Ммм… :devil: :cheeky:


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Coming May 2008
Not much longer, stay tuned..

Why aren’t you launched yet!

So, following our first delay to May 6th, we’re now switched to “May 2008″.

This is for a multitude of reasons.
Firstly, our (previous) lead programmer liked to keep us guessing by vanishing for days at a time – making it near impossible to communicate any changes to him. I’m not sure if he’s even aware that we’ve switched to We’re currently working with a highly regarded coder team, in order to avoid any further delays and dissapointment.

Secondly, this thing has literally exploded since we started up – following the green light we got from DivX, we got a huge amount of attention – and a couple of servers based in the US just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Limelight Networks approached us with a contract with thousands of servers all over the world at 1.8TB/s+ connectivity – which we just couldn’t turn down. This does add on a small workload, and will slightly lengthen the testing process – but we shouldn’t be looking at any sort of dramatic time increase here.

And finally, we’re in the process of speaking with advertisement partners. As any videophile in the world can tell you, streaming HD video eats bandwidth like there’s no tomorrow – and rather than collapse under our own debt within a month, we’d prefer to find a solution which will allow us to run freely, without having to shut down most of our servers, or forcing a paid subscription.

We’d like to further apologise to everyone for the delay – there’s not too long left. Hang in there.

Вспомнились работы Zena Holloway :cheeky:


Model: Marcelina Sowa
Magazine: Numero Tokyo 15
Photographer: Alix Malka

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:hardcore: :zomg:

Distimia - Breakcore hates girls

Genre: Breakcore (Duh!), Drum’n’bass, Hardcore
Bitrate: VBR
Size: ~17MB

Distimia - step to beginning ( intro )
Distimia - never again
Distimia - malice
Distimia - amputation

:giggle: элементарно, йопт!


de_nuke – мапа глюков ))) хоть и видел раньше, все равно стёбно )) просто pwnd! :giggle:

Уже давно обратил на это внимание, не любят на Depositfiles русских :) Если выбран русский язык на сайте, то при скачивании очередного файла ждать приходится 99 секунд:


А если переключить язык на английский, то время ожидания уменьшается на треть:


Мелочь, а приятно :cheeky:

Старый добрый панк рок :punk: Поностальгировать…


Genre: Punk rock
Bitrate: 192 Kbps.
Size: 56.45 Mb

1. Time To Relax
2. Nitro [Youth Energy]
3. Bad Habit
4. Gotta Get Away
5. Genocide
6. Something To Believe In
7. Come Out And Play
8. Self Esteem
9. It'll Be A Long Time
10. Killboy Powerhead
11. What Happened To You?
12. So Alone
13. Not The One
14. Smash

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