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99 Responses

  1. Geoserv Apr 18, 2008
    14:14 pm


    Very true.

    VOTED for you at:

  2. Nizzard Apr 18, 2008
    14:24 pm

    @ ZZTopping

    Actually, asshole – Most of that is FACT, not opinion.

  3. PCs Suck Apr 18, 2008
    14:29 pm

    They do… very much.

  4. jason cook Apr 18, 2008
    15:11 pm

    What a load of shite. How can you compare a PC with a supreme piece of (dangerous yes) machinery like a Ninja. Hard to imagine a Ninja turning itself of at 80mph when you switch on the lights due to a conflict etc.

    If the Ninja was a People Carrier (mundane, municipal but safe) and the MAC was say a Jaguar XK (Quality to the core, Fast, Reliable, Up to the minute engineering) for example you would have a better comparison.

    95% of people have no inclination to customise a PC the other 5% are known as GEEKS!. Hard to imagine a GEEK anywhere near a Ninja.

  5. zeb Apr 18, 2008
    15:20 pm

    [quote comment="15753"]How can you compare a PC with a supreme piece of (dangerous yes) machinery like a Ninja. [/quote]

    That rice grinding turd is hardly a supreme anything.

  6. Bransby Apr 18, 2008
    15:21 pm

    Or you could buy a Fireblade with far better build quality than your Kawasaki crap. Had a ZZR for a few years and it pissed me off no end.

  7. dave Apr 18, 2008
    15:37 pm


    Opinions are like assholes, everyones got one and they all stink…

  8. Morons Apr 18, 2008
    15:42 pm

    It’s a fucking METAPHOR. Jesus Christ. He was using one situation to explain another. That doesn’t mean a PC is EXACTLY like a bike, or a Mac is EXACTLY like a tricycle. Fuck. jason cook especially missed the fucking point. What the fuck is wrong with you people?! It’s conceptual, not literal. Morons.

  9. Benzyl Apr 18, 2008
    16:05 pm

    More like a BMW R80 versus a Honda VF750

  10. dgm Apr 18, 2008
    16:22 pm

    Calling a mac a tricycle is a bit extreme… if that’s what you think, you’ve never really used a mac, not recently. Macs are a powerhouse for graphical design and programming anything that isn’t M$ junk.

    I’d say it’s more like the Toyota Camry that just gets you to work reliably every time.

    PC with linux is like a nascar – lots of power but somewhat hard for some people to handle.

    PC with M$ Windows is like the same engine dropped into a Pinto. BOOM!

  11. Haidukul Apr 18, 2008
    16:22 pm

    “what is the name of that song?” or smth

  12. Abras Apr 18, 2008
    16:52 pm

    It’s a bicycle with training wheels for your information.
    And bad, bad grammar…

  13. some one Apr 18, 2008
    17:22 pm

    sarcasim you guys or gals can ya take a joke. Just as the Mac vs. Pc Commercial are a joke so is this. Relax have you ever laughed.

  14. KrazyKorean Apr 18, 2008
    17:23 pm

    This is kinda funny, I own that exact street bike but I am a mac person =)

  15. wetjet Apr 18, 2008
    17:23 pm

    Macs are like the hddvd of the blueray hddvd war. They lost, big time! Proof being, walk into any computer store and notice what percentage of the store is dedicated to pc’s and what little corner is dedicated to macs, if there are macs at all in the store. In attempt to crash as much as a pc does, they introduce the ipod. My wifes ipod crashes more that my old 486! What a piece of garbage. My zune on the other hand, never crashes.

    But you’ll always get those VW bus loving, die hard mac users that insist on it. JUST GET A PC AND LOAD UBUNTU LINUX ON IT! At least you can add new hardware when you want!

    At least apple was smart enough to switch to intel processors!

    And talking about EXPENSIVE! For the money you have to spend on a decent mac, you can visit newegg and almost build 2 PC’s with nice lcd monitors.

  16. yksten Apr 18, 2008
    17:28 pm

    I agree with wetjet. Mac had to open up thier own mac store just to sell their products cause nobody wanted them! Sure, some people want a mac…. about the same percent of the population of Americans who have down syndrome! I guess you have to be retarded and afraid to make a mistake to own a mac. True, they crash less than a pc, but there’s a good reason for that.

    Mac’s suck. Just face it. It doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not. Sales of pc’s vs. macs speak for them self.

  17. Zinger Apr 18, 2008
    17:33 pm

    That’s true. If macs really were better, wouldn’t they sell more than pc’s do? I mean, look what mac does. It goes out and gets some fat retard to represent a pc, and a skinny geek to represent a mac, and then tries to compare a jenny craig dropout to a guy who has never been laid in his life I bet! I guess mac hasn’t figures out “SEX SELLS!” And that ad isn’t sexy.

  18. The Sundance Kid Apr 18, 2008
    17:45 pm

    I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to compare the two, you get one or the other and for your own reasons. Stop playing these childish games of mine is better than yours and quit sucking each other off.

  19. Ryan Apr 18, 2008
    17:58 pm

    The comments regarding Apple stores are just ignorant. According to figures as recent as march, Apple has 25% of the retail marketshare. That means that for every $4 spent on retail computers, $1 of that is for Apple. Thats gigantic if you consider how many other players are in that market.

    Also, stores dont “refuse” to sell Apple computers, in fact its quite the opposite. Apple has to ALLOW stores to sell their computers. The reason being, Apple has made their stores an experience which people WANT to partake in. If you take Apples NYC 5th Ave store for example, it is inundated with tourists and people just wanting to stop in and look around. Whether they buy anything or not isn’t even a concern, its brand exposure.

  20. Ikaksl Apr 18, 2008
    18:10 pm

    MAC really sucks

  21. ultrajones Apr 18, 2008
    18:17 pm

    Funny post. All my desktops are built from scratch. CHEAP. So much for Mac.

  22. Truzen Apr 18, 2008
    18:56 pm

    Wow, there’s a lot of hating back and forth. Seriously, if all people can do is tote their format over the other guy without understanding all the facts, it just winds up making the individuals look ignorant.
    Speaking to all point of the spectrum, yes PCs have the advantage of being customizable. However, the reason that there is a proliferation of PCs (also, the acronym PC refers to Mac, Windows, and Linux based systems as they qualify as personal computers but in this instance I’ll use them in the windows/linux reference) is because Macs started with proprietary hardware at the start of the computer age. The people wanted customization and went with IBM.

    On the flip side, think of what has Apple has done. They’ve made a highly desirable brand because they went against the popular trend. They had some amazing products (look at the number of iPods vs Zunes) and also some spectacular failures (Newton anyone?). But when they make the products that shake up the world, people take notice. Can you say the same thing for HP or Dell?

    Both have their pros and cons, but to make argument without proof amounts to nothing.

    ~People are afraid of change, afraid of experiencing something new, something different. People lash out at what they don’t understand and stand by the ruts, in the trenches they have dug over time. They choose not to acknowledge the variety that is the essence of life~

  23. Kantoran Apr 18, 2008
    18:59 pm

    [quote comment="15747"]Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one…


    No.. you see. it goes ‘Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got THEM.’ because you don’t just have one opinion.

  24. shark Apr 18, 2008
    19:30 pm

    nizzard sucks nigger cock for internet cable

  25. Hendrik Apr 18, 2008
    19:31 pm

    Mac geeks! … LOL

    I can customize my PC and my MAC and my Kawasaki Ninja …


  26. Madman Apr 18, 2008
    19:39 pm

    It’s funny how everyone on the internet owns a crotch rocket, and knows how to customize it.

  27. DoubleCross Apr 18, 2008
    19:46 pm

    A PC and Mac can’t be compared. How many times must this be brought up? A PC is a computer and a Mac is a consumer driven product.

    The Mac only exists because it is a PC that has been locked down by its company so nobody can upgrade it on their own and they are able to make money off the enforced product line that are only usable with the specific product.

    A Mac is a fucking PC. It just fools people into thinking it is a different kind of computing device because it has a different OS and a slightly different interface. It might be better for Linux users and is used regularly out in the media world, but that is because just like with Dell and Gateway and Alienware, when you buy in mass from a company you get good deals and people think the Mac is easier to use than a normal open PC. It isn’t, it is just different. Both computers react when you click a button. Both interfaces have folders for files. Both allow you to do what you want to do.

    Mac is just big business and PC isn’t big business, it is an entity.

    Comparing the two is like comparing an apple tree to an apple orchard.

  28. Hairgel_Addict Hairgel_Addict Apr 18, 2008
    20:51 pm

    Who cares, really?

    Give it a rest already :ignore: :bored:

  29. John Apr 18, 2008
    20:04 pm

    Actually, imo most mac’s run faster than windows with less required resources, because well they actually utilize the full capacity of the hardware without the bs

  30. Johnny Apr 18, 2008
    20:29 pm

    He/she [the author of the post] is talking about hardware people. H-A-R-D-W-A-R-E. NOT operating systems.

  31. David B. Fisher Apr 18, 2008
    20:48 pm

    Open your eyes and behold that you are mistaken. Do you realize that only a small segment of the population gives a dim damn about upgradability. Yours is an esoteric – look it up – concern. Resentment, dissing and all this purile blithering gains you and your kludged-together machine nothing. Nada. Ingen ting.

    Who cares, really?

  32. Ohmaar Apr 18, 2008
    21:06 pm

    @wetjet: The last time I walked into a computer store, ALL they had was Macs. There wasn’t a single PC to be found. The closest I could find were some of the Macs that had some really brain-dead POS installed called “Vista” for the purpose of demonstrating that the Mac runs Vista faster than a comparable PC (not that I could figure out why anyone would want to.)

  33. jhonny Apr 18, 2008
    21:50 pm

    I bought a Mac Air, my first Mac. After consistent problems with the OS crashing I returned it after less than 2 weeks. I just need to be able to get my work done, I also didn’t realize that you cannot carry a spare battery for that thing. WTF? Who makes a laptop and designs it to not have a swappable battery? Apple, that’s who, and on their ultra-slim line which is going to have poor battery life to begin with.

  34. Marcus Apr 18, 2008
    21:58 pm

    @Ohmaar, that’s not a computer store, that’s the Apple store. Definitely not the same thing.

    @David B. Fisher, I don’t know many people who given the choice between plunking down a couple hundred for a new hard drive and some more memory would instead choose to “upgrade” by spending a couple thousand dollars instead on a whole new computer. The segment is not as small as you think it is, and it is usually the people who are not technologically inclined that ask me how to do this. Unfortunately, many of the Mac models do not offer this choice to the consumer, which is one reason why Mac sales are 25% while Mac market share is below 7%. It’s also part of the tricky math Apple uses to say TCO is low: when you drop a couple grand on a new computer, it doesn’t matter if you were “upgrading” a non-upgradable Mac or how much time was spent dealing with the problems on the old Mac, you start your TCO at $0 again. When you drop far less money on upgrading a regular computer it adds up on the TCO, but in reality it is less expensive to the owner.

  35. shure Apr 18, 2008
    22:11 pm

    That’s certainly a PC with some kind of LINUX because with windows it would look like this:

  36. Ohmaar Apr 18, 2008
    22:40 pm

    @jhonny: The biggest story in all the PC rags since the Air was introduced was everyone whining about not being able to replace the battery, and somehow you MISSED that? You’re an idiot.

  37. Ohmaar Apr 18, 2008
    22:43 pm

    @shure: No, a PC running Vista looks like this:

  38. Ben Apr 18, 2008
    23:47 pm

    @John #30:

    Where is your proof that Macs run faster than Windows machines? I have proof in the complete opposite’s favor. PC Gamer: June 2006. As soon as a Mac ran on an x86 architecture, these guys benchmarked it on various tasks and programs, especially in the all-important program, Photoshop (CS2 was out at the time). Then, they installed Windows XP on the Mac box and ran the same tests. Windows ran faster than the Mac ON IT’S OWN HARDWARE! I haven’t seen any other tests that have contradicted those results yet.

  39. poomonsta Apr 19, 2008
    00:50 am

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA idiot! NASCAR…. “Man am I fuckin glad to drive in a goddamn oval all fuckin day long.” How about F1 if anything

  40. anonanon Apr 19, 2008
    01:03 am

    when it comes down to hardware, macs suck big time. the same ram you can buy anywhere is almost twice as expensive in a macstore, just cause of the friggin apple-logo on it. wtf? same thing for graphics, cpu etc…
    and cracking the case open of those bastards… omg! design ok, but functionality?

    regarding software, well… both of them suck. seriously. M$ will never produce anything secure, fast or usable. the only reason that they make so much money is that most people are stuck with this shit or don’t know better.
    In terms of usability, macs are ok, but they are so locked down that can’t change any configs AT ALL. OS X is a castrated version of BSD…

  41. Greg Apr 19, 2008
    02:01 am

    So Linux we be a car? Even more complicated the a Motorcycle. More parts to customize. Faster speeds, extremely scalable. But very hard to build on your own without previous knowledge, and once it is built very little is necessary to maintain.

  42. me Apr 19, 2008
    02:45 am

    MAC is now PC

  43. Un5table Apr 19, 2008
    02:47 am

    The PC is a ninja if the ninja explodes when you turn the ignition.

    The PC is a Ninja if your ninja will not start because you put a new sticker on the side, and it conflicts with the sticker on the other side.

    The PC is a Ninja if your brakes go out because your gas tank is only 3/4 full.

    The PC is a Ninja if your gear shift activates the brakes.

    The PC is a ninja if it has square tires.

    I could go on all day!

  44. Mer Apr 19, 2008
    02:54 am

    Macs blow

  45. ultrajones Apr 19, 2008
    03:21 am

    PS. To all you flamers. I myself am a pretty smart motherf*cker, but every time I see someone say something like: “@jhonny: The biggest story in all the PC rags since the Air was introduced was everyone whining about not being able to replace the battery, and somehow you MISSED that? You’re an idiot.” I have to think that whether the flamer is actually more or less intelligent than the stranger he is insulting, one thing is for sure–Anybody who gets online and posts insults at people based on one comment on a post is truly an annoying, useless and undesirable human being. So So SO very sad that such people dominate the “add a comment” portion of the web. I never acted like that even as a kid, but I have kicked the asses of plenty of hatin’ fools. Ah well, it’s an epidemic on and off the web. I just hope I run into one of you hatemosphere shite spouting nuisances at the pub tonight. Oi!

  46. me Apr 19, 2008
    04:02 am
  47. Josh Apr 19, 2008
    05:57 am

    Eh, I have worked on both Macs and PCs since the time I was 14 (21 now) and I have really never cared for Macs. I use various tools to keep my registry on my PC nice and clean, keep unneeded folders deleted and ensure that I always have plenty of RAM and anti-virus to protect my computer I really have never had an issue.

    My current HP with vista and 3 gigs of ram boots in about 40-60 seconds and is useable in about 70-80 seconds. Overall, I like my PC, it is fast, responsive and I have never had a blue screen or an issue to give me problems.

    It is everyone’s personal choice, bitching and moaning about it doesn’t change anything.

  48. Kukish Kukish Apr 19, 2008
    10:54 am

    Holy crap! Now I know that foreigners are wackos! So much discussion about a harmless picture, which is actually a piece of humor…sheesh…

  49. tom Apr 22, 2008
    03:17 am




    Until mac fixes the goddamn finder and Pc’s stop getting Alzheimer’s they can both rot in hell. Operating systems are a huge fucking disappointment lately.
    Mac’s bloody spotlight never fuckin listens to my keywords and that fucking finder is a nightmare. Imagine a filemanager that can’t show you two deeply nested directories at the same time unless you open two instances. Give me a break. On top of that some of the views move under your mouse as you’re clicking. WTF? AND directories are not grouped together in a view unless you’ve chosen to sort by “kind”. This is fucking annoying. You sort by kind because you need to find a folder, and then the names are all in random order, or you sort by name first and have to go find a folder mixed in with tons of other shit.
    In that department windows explorer got the functionality right. Too bad I have to wipe the goddamn drive clean every few years because for some reason installing software on windows is like feeding sugar cubes to a diabetic, coma-wise.

    So you can take your bicycle and your motorcycle and STUFF THEM UP YOUR ASS BECAUSE NEITHER ONE WILL CARRY THE FUCKING GROCERIES.

  50. albino Apr 22, 2008
    18:46 pm

    i saw this thing a long time ago. both platforms have their flaws. it depends on what kind of person you are. personally i am a pc person. mainly because the ability to build and cannibalize is important to me (i am poor). i built my machine for 350 bucks (using existing parts) and can run all the latest games and do whatever else i want no problem. of course i use xp (vista should never have been released EVER) and shun IE for firefox which generally keeps me safe (no viruses or spyware yet).apples best move was to make all their products work together and i can understand that some people want to and are willing to spend money on something that “just works” without having to have their hands cut by sharp metal cases. macs would make sense to me too if i didnt want to have absolute control over every component that i spend my money on. like i said it all depends on what kind of person you are. i think that apple charges way too much for proprietary hardware when they are really selling the mac “look”. and PCs do make you “work” for stability and security. (of course if M$ would stop shoving hot piles of shit at consumers as a finished product people wouldnt have to).
    i dunno. it depends on what you want.
    ps. PCs come in overpriced variants as well (hp,dell,gateway)

  51. simius Apr 23, 2008
    04:05 am

    fucking geeks, how dare you compare a PC with Mac.

    Final Cut is the best high resolution video editor available and it works in Mac only.
    Logic is the best audio editor and it works on a Mac too

  52. PeteY Apr 23, 2008
    08:21 am

    I once read a book that said having a Mac is like having a sports car WITH garage, tools and mechanics to customise your machine. They (the book) also say that many PC geeks think Macs are not as customisable as PC because they don’t understand or are overwhelmed by the complexity of the UNIX BSD subsystem. In essence what they’re saying is PC geeks are too afraid or too inexperienced to fully utilise a mac. So perhaps whoever made this little joke maybe showing an ignorant side.
    Personally, I think PC geeks talk the loudest in these arguments because they feel the need to prove themselves, i.e insecurity.

    It sort of similar to the Betamax and VHS war in the 80′s. Beta was definately a superior format but was not mass marketed like VHS and faded into obscurity, well not totally, it’s still used by professionals today in digital format (it still uses the same cassette as Betamax).

  53. PeteY Apr 23, 2008
    08:26 am

    By the way, most of you commenters are fucked in the head. Have a nice day

  54. PeteY Apr 23, 2008
    08:28 am

    Just the one who hate Macs
    … oh shit, I’m becoming more like you

  55. Lars Apr 24, 2008
    22:04 pm

    Anyone read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance? The author muses over the differences between a Harley and a BMW bike. I think that would be a fair way to compare these computers too. The metaphor is overdone and biased (everybody knows that the value and potential of a motorcycle is vastly bigger than that of a trike, which makes the comparison pretty much pure Mac bashing. And Mac bashing is OLD and boooooooooooring).

    And to those who state that all the commenters are morons; are you seriously expecting the comments to be more witty and intelligent than the blog post itself? That is naïve to say the least.

  56. Jeff Apr 25, 2008
    21:46 pm

    Jason Cook is a fucking faggot.

  57. Taters Apr 26, 2008
    00:21 am

    God, I hate PC zealots. This is almost entirely BS. “…Its an example of PC because there are unlimited choices” my ass. You can change the color of the BSOD, other than that, you can’t do shit. I admit I’m a Linux fanboy, but I don’t exaggerate Linux’s strengths and minimize it’s weakness’s. Thats just retarded.

    But I guess this is just another way for PC users to feel less like the idiots they are for buying such an awful, failure prone (without the help of virus’s) OS. I know this is an attack at the hardware, but the true message isn’t very hard to figure out.

  58. ovidiu Apr 26, 2008
    01:09 am

    Simplistic therefore false.

  59. meh Apr 26, 2008
    13:04 pm

    This is not a good analogy. If anything, Windows boxes are much more like tricycles than macs are. Macs have a real unix core, unlike PCs. Of course, most mac users are faggoty art people who think that eunuchs is a derogatory term for metrosexuals.

    Linux is the way.

  60. Walter Jnr Apr 27, 2008
    04:38 am

    Macs suck. End of story.

  61. good job Apr 27, 2008
    06:57 am

    PC and macs both have pos and neg.
    I prefer PC MS lunix only because i can upgrade it and play more games on it.
    Macs are good because its really reliable and you know where all your power is going.
    its mainly personal choice. my brother does alot of editing and photoshop which always runns 100x better on a mac. so its not really who is better but who are you. the MAC books in my opinion are alot better then laptops only because i every laptop i have had is as slow as a dawrf trying to climb everest. but for desktop PC is the way.
    dont be faggoty fanboys and say which is best because the fact is that you computer has to match ur personality and needs whether it be a MAC or PC. BTW you idiots got off topic. nice comparision.

  62. t5 Apr 27, 2008
    17:31 pm

    yes, macs are just over priced paperweights. stop buying them you silly hipsters.

  63. PeteY Apr 29, 2008
    03:08 am

    @ good job
    I use both Mac & PC every day and it’s nice to see some unbiased opinion matched with derogatory insults to fellow commenters. Good job good job…
    … bunch of fucking cunts!

  64. Jasper Apr 30, 2008
    13:40 pm

    I agree, but macs look so much better than windows, and you didn’t take that into account. That’s an opinion, mind you, but windows looks terrible until you upgrade to vista.

  65. Jasper Apr 30, 2008
    13:48 pm

    Wow. after finally reading (most) of those comments, I am flabbergasted. Some people really like their opinions…

  66. PeteY May 6, 2008
    07:32 am

    Ask an Australian, what is better? a Ford or Holden. You’ll encounter the same sort of fanboyism as you would here. What I’m trying to say is we all have our preferences and opinions and which cant be avoided anywhere you go.

  67. John May 8, 2008
    21:25 pm

    Relax, if you like working on a PC then we will all just say congrats. If you like Macs, congrats. Bottom line, UNIX or NT. I say UNIX but then again I am Systems Engineer so what would I know about “power users”. All I can say is that if you want a good paying job its best to learn UNIX (once you are comfortable with working on a PC) so that you can do real word applications. Sorry, restarting a windows box every couple of days because IIS and the OS are lousy is a real drag, on top of all the security vulnerabilities. So sad that people with absolutely no career in IT like to argue over these things. If a PC is what is best for you, by all means enjoy. Most Mac users have used both operating systems and started on windows. Most windows users prefer to deal only with windows and never branch out. Good luck with that and your career as a Geek Squad employee.

  68. Matt G. Leger May 11, 2008
    06:13 am

    I am reminded on reading this of Robert X. Cringely’s famous quote about computer engineering: “If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.” I strongly suspect the same would apply to motorcycles, were they designed and built the way most non-Apple computers and their operating systems are.

    Anyone who is willing to spend even a little extra (that is, more than the lowest-end Mac mini or iMac model costs) can get a Mac Pro model as fully customizable and powerful as they need or want. If you think otherwise, you are amazingly ignorant of Apple’s recent product development and marketing.

  69. asdfasdfasdf May 15, 2008
    15:31 pm

    @ultrajones : you’re not as smart as you think you are.
    @omaar: there is no “computer store” that sells only macs, except for a mac store, fuckwit.
    @doublecross: that is one of the singularly worst analyses of any type that I have ever read. congrats.

    here’s the net, folks:
    1. a Mac is for someone who needs to feel different through product choice.
    2. a PC is for someone who isn’t driven by the need to feel different in their product choices.

    Me? I run Slax Linux on USB or otherwise a Vista laptop. Vista has been *nothing* but spectacular for me. Don’t believe the hype.

  70. PeteY May 16, 2008
    06:15 am


  71. Anon May 18, 2008
    16:25 pm


  72. Joomoka May 20, 2008
    06:56 am

    LOL @Tom!

  73. zx6-guy May 20, 2008
    21:59 pm

    I’m a Geek. I have a PC running Windows and Linux, and a Mac, AND a Ninja. They all have their purpose. My bike is the most fun of course.

  74. Robin Jun 1, 2008
    22:35 pm

    Logic 101. What does PC stand for? Personal Computer. What is a Mac? A personal computer. Ergo Mac is a PC! You never see a Mac ad going after a brand name such as Dell, HP, Sony etc. They only go after the total industry of which they are a part! The only reason Mac is still in business is the Ipod. Mac’s advertising budget is a benefit of the Ipod.

  75. DavidP Jun 5, 2008
    16:16 pm

    I just loooooove my Magna and home built PC network.

  76. Jun 10, 2008
    19:53 pm

    PC’s own Macs any day of the week.

  77. Nate Jun 22, 2008
    10:48 am

    You can actually customize anything you want with a mac, but I’m also guessing that most of you don’t know how to use a unix terminal. Linux PWNS when it comes to webhosts (believe it or not, but most webhosts use UNIX based OS’s)

    PC’s sell more than Mac’s, but does it really mean that a PC is better? Its called functional fixedness, people would rather use what they already know how to use (like QWERTY keyboards) than learn to use something, even if it is more efficient or better in some way (like DVORAK keyboards), or in the case of the argument its windows vs any UNIX based OS.

    Mac’s are more expensive, but the Mac Pro I bought when they made the change to intel will still run circles around any other computer you put in front of it.

    Nothing makes me laugh more than commercials with horrible actors explaining some way to make your windows box run faster and get rid of spyware….for only xx dollars.

    I haven’t shut down my mac in over 200 days (its stays in safe sleep “sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 3″) using almost no power and starts instantly. My fedora dedicated seedbox is running an uptime of over a year. But I guess there is just something special about staring at your computer while it starts up.

  78. bob Jun 22, 2008
    12:19 pm

    @madman #26

    Dude, you win.

  79. sikanrong Jul 10, 2008
    17:47 pm

    Yeah… No. If anything linux is the dangerous bike. Windows is a beaten up and poorly designed bike that was made with chinese parts. Anyway, sorry – fraid not. You’ll need to learn a little more about computers before it’s ‘funny and true’. SU thumbs down!!

  80. Dougieguy Jul 15, 2008
    08:14 am

    look, you are all missing the fucking point. Its a joke.
    PC’s are better.
    Same performance AND Cheaper prices
    Used PCs are highly fixable. When a mac breaks, it breaks HARD (but that is unfounded bias on my part)
    But mostly I go with the price issue. I am broke. I am a college student. I am only getting broker (I know, bad grammar, if you feel the need to point GRAMMAR for fuck’s sake, then you can bite my shiny metal ass!)

  81. capycrunch Jul 31, 2008
    05:19 am

    OK .. C users always jalous… here’s a real comparison.. like you said it’s made safe and also a bit more expensive and because it’s good as it is you don’t really need to tune it.. (i have both Mac and Pcs at home)
    so let’s say the mac is like a ferrari or lamborghini. no need to add to it it’s perfect how it comes out of the factory (of course i’m not talking of lower end products).
    then PC , that you can tweak..(my a** try to over clock your dell.. ), so yes you can make it powerfull , but it’s going to look like an mustang that you can tweak, and change the engine or whatever…
    I’d still by a lamborghini, over a Mustang… and please we know that PCs don’t handle adobe aps like a MAC.
    Plus who uses aol on mac? oh true most of them are pc users…
    anyway this war s stupid. everybody is trying to piss off the others.. I USE BOTH they both have pros and cons..
    it all depends what you’ll use your computer for. some we’ll be hardcore gamers and will use Pcs , most of designers and artist will use MAC( becuase it does look better than a regular box..) the OS, is your own choice .. whatever makes you the most comfortable… but stop being stupid … get over it . your little discussion won’t change anything about what people want and say. It;s like politics and religion. ;)

  82. centreti Aug 9, 2008
    11:14 am

    ya’ll are all retarded as fuck. get over it. i haven’t had a bsod since windows 95 no joke. seriously my vista runs perfect (cpu = dual core 1.78ghz or some shit and 1gb of ram) no problems whatsoever. no crashes no viruses no bullshit. runs fast as fuck too. i think we are all biased but the mactards base their bias on their fucking commercials and shit. fuck all of ya’ll. mac people just don’t fucking know how to use a computer. and if you’re a mac geek that uses the unix terminal, just fucking buy a cheaper computer and install fucking bsd. i don’t hate mac. i’m just not stupid enough to buy an onverpriced unix pc. if you like it pretty than go ahead and pay for the pretty.

  83. flatout Nov 5, 2008
    02:12 am

    Wow, hmmm, lets see….Purchased a brand new 2000 Toshiba laptop with Vista…Crashes every 30 min or so. Got a virus on it…it eventually died. Bought an IMac and Macbook. WOW!!!! I dont even use antivirus software or anything.

  84. Bollocky Bill Nov 5, 2008
    03:08 am

    You poor PC fools! PCs are cheap rubbish! Macs are far, far, way, way ahead of PC Junk. Fact: They are the best for Music, Graphics. and a whole lot more. Did you know they are built from components that match! Not just thrown together with any old stuff like PC trash!
    Why do you think all the Pros use them? Not just because they look good surely? (Unlike PCs which look and act like they’ve been cobbled together from a bloody scrapyard!) Oh did I mention that Mac users don’t have to worry about viruses as well? That’s maybe because Mac users have got better thing to do with their time than the PC fools sitting in their grey underpants in their bedrooms at their parents house making viruses and playing silly childrens games on their stupid crap PCs!

  85. Anubia Nov 6, 2008
    03:29 am


    Sots, all of you. Every last one of you from the “intelligent” Linux users to the masterfully skillful morons who can spit out thirty cusswords in one sentence without even flinching and think they look “tough” or “intelligent.”

    Summary of my analysis on this:
    1.) This is all a matter of opinion. Some people think Macs are better, some prefer Windows, and some use Linux or other systems that they prefer. I, personally, would prefer to have a Macintosh, but I have a Windows PC with Vista installed on it (which actually isn’t too shabby, to be honest). There’s no need to have an all-out flame war because somebody’s opinion is different from yours. Having a flame war over this is the same as racing in the Special Olympics: even if you win, you’re still retarded.
    2.) From what I understand about the three most popular systems, they’re generally designated for a specific audience, so for some people it’s more natural to use certain systems than it is to use others. Windows is designed for more business-related work with applications such as Excel and Word (though there is a version of Word that has been modified for Mac use); Macs are more designated at artistic/creative people who work more on video- and image-editing software (which you can get Adobe CS3 for Mac, I do believe); Linux is targeted at people who prefer working with database software and other things pertaining to website management (or so I’m assuming from what I’ve heard). The interface of each system is different compared to the next, as is the hardware–different enough that it’s like comparing apples, oranges, and pears: they’re all under the same general category, but to compare them accurately is practically impossible.
    3.) Most of you are either somewhat getting the joke, not getting it at all, or get it and are just flaming other users senselessly–seriously, e-penises aren’t that important in the long-run. When you think about it, what’s your computer going to do for you when you’re being threatened at gunpoint by a robber who plans on taking your precious computer? Fight to the death for you (or rather, you fight to the death for it)? It’s not just stupid–it’s fecking retarded.
    4.) I take offense to the person who said that “most mac users are faggoty artistic people”. When you grow a brain that matches the size of your tiny manhood AND have enough blood pumping through your veins to run both your erection and brain at the same time while masturbating over your shiny new computer that you finally devote some time AWAY from, I suggest you consider reading a children’s book or two to begin your education in the dead scary world of “faggoty artistic people.” When you’ve finally reached a fairly higher level of intelligence, enough to understand more than just a few simple words of English, I would think that you might actually be intelligent enough to discuss the world of artistry and insult it in an intelligent fashion. Guessing from what I’ve read, that is probably going to take you a century or more–considering you don’t die first from overthinking. Have a nice day.
    5.) Yes, I know I am somewhat a hypocrite. But when you look at the world, who isn’t?

  86. eltranced Nov 6, 2008
    06:20 am

    i love my zx10r 2006 just like i love my pc … i abuse them both! macs are like scooters for girls

    p.s. i’ve managed to crash a Mac onces and had to take it to the tech…. i’ve never had to take my pc to an expert… i’ve learned to build …fix.. and customize my PC all by myself btw loved my win95 for video games… it did crash! now im on XP and no crashes whatsoever…. not switching to Vista.. im happy except i do wish xp mouse acceleration was just as good as 95′s

  87. onlythestrong Nov 6, 2008
    13:03 pm

    [quote comment="15783"]nizzard sucks nigger cock for internet cable[/quote]
    so does ur mother!

  88. ANON Jun 5, 2011
    01:39 am

    [quote comment="15761"]Calling a mac a tricycle is a bit extreme… if that’s what you think, you’ve never really used a mac, not recently. Macs are a powerhouse for graphical design and programming anything that isn’t M$ junk.

    I’d say it’s more like the Toyota Camry that just gets you to work reliably every time.

    PC with linux is like a nascar – lots of power but somewhat hard for some people to handle.

    PC with M$ Windows is like the same engine dropped into a Pinto.

    Except for the fact that your Toyota will be recalled.

  89. Mr. Me Jun 23, 2011
    04:10 am

    [quote comment="15756"]@ZZTopping:

    Opinions are like assholes, everyones got one and they all stink…[/quote]
    not if u wipe your ass lol

  90. best ab workout Jun 25, 2011
    18:31 pm

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment on but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!

  91. Rrrrizh Apr 8, 2012
    12:54 pm

    oh my, are the big boys comparing sizes again?

  92. eoin31 May 31, 2012
    15:25 pm

    in that case i’ll take a pc any day. i’m an adult i don’t need metaphorical training wheels. i’ll only put linux on it anyway

  93. A Person Jun 5, 2012
    03:48 am

    [quote comment="15788"]Actually, imo most mac’s run faster than windows with less required resources, because well they actually utilize the full capacity of the hardware without the bs[/quote]

    Actually, benchmarks upon benchmarks have shown that OS X performs worse when comparing two systems with the same specs, not to mention the huge price gaps.

  94. Dougal Jun 27, 2012
    03:45 am

    doesnt matter what you get, just bang a solid state in it and itl fuckin rule ^^ – based on a true story.


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