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Sit back. Relax. Read. Perhaps, have a beverage & keep your comments & trackbacks to yourself.

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  1. Ziona Ziona Apr 2, 2008
    15:41 pm

    :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe:

    я под стулом :lolishe: :lolishe: :lolishe:

  2. Aligator Aligator Apr 5, 2008
    01:51 am

    наповал ))

    картина Репина “Мой сосед Шурик и пакет макарон”…

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